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Juliet Partridge, a widely experienced children’s publishing and education expert, was a key part of the editorial team who took Kids’ Night In and turned it into a critically-acclaimed, award-nominated, bestselling series in Australia. When she passed away in 2008, Patricia Adams (mother of Jessica, who worked with Juliet on the series) delivered this tribute on behalf of her, Helen Basini, Nick Earls and Sara Foster – the other editors.

Juliet Partridge
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We’d like to honour Juliet, a team editor on the bestselling Kids’ Night In series, in aid of the children’s charity War Child.

Juliet was the author of many children’s books in her own right, and a respected editor. Thus, we still feel incredibly lucky that she gave so much time and energy helping ot make Kids’ Night In a success in Australia, England and Japan. War Child hs received almost half a million dollars from sales of the anthologies in this country alone.

A few weeks before she left us, a third book in the series was announced. It was typical of Juliet that she wanted to help, even though she was so ill at the time. We will really miss her generosity and her brilliant ideas on book three, but we are also happy on her behalf that the series is continuing.

The work that Juliet did with us helped raise money for a number of War Child projects, including the rehabilitation of child soldiers in the Congo. The publication of Kids’ Night In also led to a project to help resupply the school libraries of the Solomon Islands.

We miss you Juliet, but we also know that thanks to you, life goes on for thousands of children around the world – and these amazing books go on too.

Jessica Adams, Nick Earls, Helen Basini and Sara Foster, Kids’ Night In

Juliet’s family asked that, instead of flowers or other tributes, family and friends donate to War Child Australia. Thanks to all those who donated so generously at the memorial service.

You can donate to War Child’s Syria Appeal here


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