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Sophie Masson has had more than 70 novels published internationally, and the latest novel The Ghost Squad was published last month by Midnight Sun Publishing.  

The synopsis, courtesy of Midnight Sun Publishing tells us to ‘Imagine a world where all seems normal and yet nothing is — a world very much like our own, yet jarringly unlike. A world where two clandestine organisations, the Ghost Squad and the Base, are engaged in a secret battle for control of information so dangerous it could literally change life as humans have always known it…’

A bold, exciting novel with thrilling twists and turns, The Ghost Squad is a novel that will keep readers guessing – and keep them awake at night!



In 2019, Sophie was awarded an AM (General Division) in the Order of Australia, which was announced in the Australia Day Honours list. Her citation reads: ‘For significant service to literature as an author, publisher, and through roles in industry organisations’.

Sophie Masson will be appearing at the Bendigo Writers Festival returning this May 6th – 9th, with a mix of in-person and digital events to cater for all audiences. For more details



You can read more about Sophie’s novels on her website and follow her on Twitter via the following links:


Reviews for The Ghost Squad:

Filled with secrecy and cover-ups, and with characters who have varying degrees of trustworthiness throughout the novel, to the point where you don’t know who you can trust other than Polly, Kel and SwanThe Book Muse

This book was full of twists and turns, conspiracies, relationships, secrets, danger and action. I really couldn’t foretell anything that was going to happen and it wasn’t always clear who to trust or who to believe. There were plenty of people and factions to be wary of along the way and there were some unexpected allies too – Claire’s Reads.


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