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Barry Divola is a journalist and author born and bred in Sydney, currently living in Perth. He writes regularly for The Sydney Morning HeraldThe Australian Financial Review and Qantas Magazine. He was a senior writer for Rolling Stone (Australia).


Barry’s latest book, published at the beginning of March 2021 is called Driving Stevie Fracasso.


Driving Stevie Fracasso is his first novel, but he has published eight other books – four non-fiction books, three children’s books and a book of short fiction (Nineteen Seventysomething). He has won the Margaret River Short Story Prize, the FAW Jennifer Burbidge Award, the Cowley Literary Award and the Banjo Paterson Award for Short Fiction (three times).



Two estranged brothers, one stolen car and a road trip from Texas to New York. What could possibly go wrong?

Jaded music journalist Rick McLennan knows his life is going south when he loses his job, his apartment and his long-term girlfriend all on the same day. But then he is thrown a lifeline – a commission to write the story of his ex-rock-star brother, Stevie, and drive him from Austin, Texas, to New York to play one final gig. One small problem: the brothers haven’t spoken in thirty years.

Rick knows it’s a bad idea. But he’s out of choices. So, he gets behind the wheel of a beaten-up 1985 Nissan Stanza and drives towards his destiny. He’s about to find everything he didn’t know he was missing. It’s September 2001.



‘Of course, this road trip comes with a top-quality mix-tape – it’s by Barry Divola – but it’s the layers to this story, and its humour and its heart, that make this journey irresistible.’ – Nick Earls

‘This book is the super f***ing gnarly lead break of rock-lit novels.’ – John Birmingham

‘Driving Stevie Fracasso reads as great as the fifth Replacements album sounds. It’s a New York–centric, music-obsessive tale of humour and poignancy, the literary equivalent of hanging with folks who think going to church is finding a record fair. A+’ – Stuart Coupe

An interpreter of the listening experience forced to listen to experience? This novel will be read in between flippin’ records. Go for the ride. You’ll be spent, you’ll be grateful.’ – Tim Rogers

‘If I could go back in time and take a different fork in the road, I would have lived like Barry Divola. But poor choices can’t be unmade, and if Driving Stevie Fracasso is the only ride available, I’ll take it. Damn you, Barry Divola, you’ve been having everyone else’s fun.’ – Malcolm Knox



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