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Whatever After is a New York Times bestselling series by Sarah Mlynowski tyhat follows the adventures of siblings Abby and Jonah, whose magic mirror leads them into different fairy tales, from Snow White to Rapunzel to the Little Mermaid. In each fairy tale, Abby and Jonah accidentally mess up the story — and hilarity and hijinks ensue!


The 14th book in the series, Good as Gold was released last month and follows Abby and Jonah on their continuing magical escapades.



Guess where we are this time? The magic mirror has sent me and my brother, Jonah (plus our puppy, Prince), into the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Fun! There’s porridge to taste, chairs to sit on, and beds to nap in. But Goldilocks is in a LOT of trouble, and if we can’t help her, we might get stuck here forever!

Now we have to:

  • Skateboard down a mountain
  • Convince the bear family NOT to eat us
  • – Get one hundred gold coins
  • – Escape the royal jail
  • …And find the one fairy tale character who can turn straw into gold… Wait… Rumpelstiltskin? What are YOU doing here?!




“The feminist in me adored it, and the mother in me loved how my daughter would long to cuddle in close as we read together.” — Danielle Herzog, blogging for The Washington Post

“Hilarious . . . with unexpected plot twists and plenty of girl power.” — Booklist

“An uproariously funny read. The swift pace of the tale and non-stop action . . . will enchant readers from the first page.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Tons of fractured fairy tale fun!” — Meg Cabot, author of Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls and The Princess Diaries


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