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Nick Earls, born in Northern Ireland and spent most of his life in Australia.  To his name, there are credits of over 27 books for adults, teenagers and children. His books have been best sellers here in the UK and in Australia.  Nick also writes for newspapers such as the New York Times, the Guardian, the Australian, and the Sydney Morning Herald.  His PhD thesis ‘Wisdom Tree and the Novella in the Twenty-First Century’ was condensed into a two-hour masterclass on novella craft and markets which he has discussed in most Australian states.

Nick has been presented with multiple awards for his literature with Perfect Skin the only novel to be a finalist in the Australian Comedy Awards in 2003, and was adapted into a feature film in Italy. 48 Shades of Brown was a Kirkus Reviews (US) book of the year selection and was adapted into a feature film in Australia (Buena Vista/Prima). Five of his novels have also been adapted into stage plays.

Nick Empire’s new book Empires is due to be released on 3 August 2021. its synopsis can be found below with further links to purchase.


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Empires rise and fall, human lives are lived, collisions occur more than we will ever know, and yet the unexpected can still happen.

Alaska, 2018, and Mike is a long way from home, nursing a wrecked knee and an unspoken grief, striking out into real estate and parenting his partner’s son. London, 1978, and Simon is an Australian fish out of water navigating adolescence during the Winter of Discontent and drawn to an eccentric impresario next door. Washington, DC, 1928, and a retired US senator is interviewed about his time in Russia in 1916, and his mission to save a young heir to an empire. Vienna, 1809, and an Irish teenager on the run from the law, takes refuge among composers as Napoleon besieges and shells the city. Hong Kong, 2019, and estranged brothers Mike and Simon reunite in midlife to face the secrets of the past, and reconnect in more ways than one.




With his latest novel, Nick Earls again proves his talent for compelling and convincing storytelling. A novel in five parts, Empires tracks backwards through history from 2018 to 1809 before returning to the present. It explores the tenuous but tenacious connections between the lives that people live and the objects they acquire throughout those lives. One of the pleasures of Empires is the subtle treasure hunt that Earls sets before his audience, seeding each section with certain recurring objects, elaborating on these objects’ own histories. The astute reader might identify all of these objects on first reading, but there is also pleasure for those who reread this book to trace these objects’ paths through the lives of Empire’s protagonists.


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