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Sophie Masson has had more than 70 novels published internationally.  In 2019, Sophie was awarded an AM (General Division) in the Order of Australia, which was announced in the Australia Day Honours list. Her citation reads: ‘For significant service to literature as an author, publisher, and through roles in industry organisations’.


Four All at Sea is Sophie’s forthcoming chapter book with the fabulous illustrator @CherylOrsini, to be published by Christmas Press on 28 September. It’s a sequel to the 2020 chapter book, Four on the Run. Sophie also has an audiobook out soon A Hundred Words for Butterfly, to be published by Spineless Wonders Audio in this month with a short prequel video to set the scene of what the Northern (French) Basque country means to her. September 2021 is certainly a wonderful month to enjoy Sophie Masson’s creative works.


The synopsis for Four All at Sea is taken from

After the adventures of Four on the Run, Maxie, Lady, Flash and Fergie are set for a new life as film stars and a luxury cruise overseas. But when they are washed overboard in a storm and land on a desert island, it seems their troubles are only just beginning! Because somebody else is there–someone who is not very friendly—a rusty old tank that thinks there’s still a war on! They need to escape from the island and get back to their ship and very worried Mrs Brown. …but how?





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