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Joan Collins is first and foremost an actress, but she is also a best-selling author, an accomplished producer, and a successful entrepreneur.

The wonderful Dame Joan Collins has a new book release on Thursday, 14th October 2021.  ‘’My Unapologetic Diaries’ will be published in hardback, trade paperback, e-book and audio editions and will sure to be on many people’s ‘Wish-Lists’.

To coincide with the book release Dame Joan Collins has a live tour in the UK also scheduled for October.  If you wish to book tickets for this event you will find more information via

To pre-order Dame Joan’s new book, here is one example of where you can secure your first-release copy:


Reviews about the upcoming release of My Unapologetic Diaries’.

Publisher Weidenfeld & Nicolson say the collection will include ‘wry insights’ into famous people and her life. It’s also said to be ‘unapologetic’ as she ‘doesn’t care’, so expect some juicy dirt to be included.

The Chairman of Weidenfeld and Nicolson, Alan Samson, relayed “It is a particular delight to welcome Dame Joan to the W&N list, which has published so many wonderful diarists in our history, including Evelyn Waugh, Noel Coward, Cecil Beaton, Alan Clark, Michael Palin, Roy Strong and Tina Brown. It is no surprise that Joan’s elegant and needle-sharp observations as a writer combine the detachment of a great diarist with her active participation in many of the highly entertaining events she describes. The Bookseller

My Unapologetic Diaries will contain no holds barred insights into other celebrities and “wry insights”. Publishers describe the 87-year-old actress’s diary entries as “unapologetic”, saying she “doesn’t care”. They detail encounters with members of the royal family and her “honest insights of other celebrities at parties or dinners”. The Dynasty star penned almost all the “hilarious” entries within hours of the events they describe.  Evening Express

As brutal, withering and funny as you’d expect. Julian Clary

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