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New Release Alert: Wednesday, 19 August 2021 (UK)


Wendy Holden was a journalist for fourteen years and worked for The Telegraph, The Mail, Harpers & Queen and was the Deputy Editor for the Style section of the Sunday Times amongst others.

Following on from the international best-selling success of The Governess, the superb novel about the progressive young teacher, Marion Crawford who became the governess to the young Princess Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret, Wendy released her latest novel last month titled The Duchess.

The Duchess will follow on with the story of Wallis Simpson and the historical tale of her life when she met true love at the fork in the road.

Wendy’s book can be pre-ordered for both Kindle and hardback copies from all good bookstores.


Synopsis taken from Wendy Holden’s website:



1928: Wallis Simpson arrives in London from New York. She wants a new start with new husband Ernest. But the British are as cold as their weather, and for the penniless divorcee, making friends seems impossible. But fast forward a few more years and the King of England has given up his throne for her. What happened in between? How did the American Cinderella come to meet the handsome Prince?

The Duchess is Wendy Holden’s latest novel based on the amazing story of Wallis Simpson. Published by Welbeck in the UK on August 19 and Berkley in the US on September 28.





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