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Liane Moriarty is a bestselling Australian author, writing novels for both adults and children. With over 20 million copies sold to date worldwide and translated into forty languages, her latest novel, Apples Never Fall has been eagerly anticipated.   One of her much-loved novels, Big Little Lies, first published in 2014, debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list, making Liane the first Australian author to debut in the top spot in the US.  This novel created a huge amount of interest, so much so that Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon snapped up the film and television rights.  Thereafter, Nine Perfect Strangers, another super successful novel was adapted into a mini-series, again with Nicole Kidman making star appearances thus endorsing the brilliance and popularity of Liane’s novels.


So, moving forward to now! Liane Moriarty had done it again with Apples Never Fall published last month on 14 September 2021.


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From the outside, the Delaney’s appear to be an enviably contented family. Even after all these years, former tennis coaches Joy and Stan are still winning tournaments, and now they’ve sold the family business they have all the time in the world to learn how to ‘relax’.

Their four adult children are busy living their own lives, and while it could be argued they never quite achieved their destinies, no-one ever says that out loud.

But now Joy Delaney has disappeared and her children are re-examining their parents’ marriage and their family history with fresh, frightened eyes. Is her disappearance related to their mysterious house guest from last year? Or were things never as rosy as they seemed in the Delaney household?


‘A tour-de-force of a novel; brilliantly plotted and superbly written . . . The tension builds to a conclusion alive with ingenious twists. Smart, sharp and utterly riveting’ DAILY MAIL

‘Utterly and completely wonderful. I’ve loved all of Liane’s books but Apples Never Fall is next-level writing: an intelligent, forensic portrait of a family’ MARIAN KEYES

‘A fantastic storyteller. Apples Never Fall is gripping, getting to the dark underbelly of a seemingly perfect family. A cracking read’ ITV’s LORRAINE KELLY

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