Big Night Out - BolindaPut on your snappiest outfit and get ready for the biggest night out of your life, in the company of your favourite authors, celebrities and rock stars. The third in the Girls Night In series is here and it’s bigger than ever.  This unabridged version contains 7 hours of listening on CD for the book’s Australian fans.

About The Book:

Big Night Out was in the Top 10 Paperback Fast Seller list in The Times on its release in England, and followed suit in Australia, after its release on October 1. A special launch party in Sydney saw contributors Tara Moss, Reg Mombassa, Libbi Gorr and Natasha Stott-Despoja celebrate the down-under publication of the book, and in Melbourne, Richard Stubbs followed suit. War Child Australia’s first aid worker, Jo Francis, was also a special guest at the Melbourne launch, where Chairman and Big Night Out co-editor Nick Earls joined in the farewells – Jo was bound for War Child’s bakery project in Afghanistan.


I had my first serious doubts about Ricky when I saw him crouched on the kitchen floor blowtorching cockroaches with the gas lighter.’What are you doing?’ I asked, remembering terrible images of American soldiers and Vietnamese children. ‘I thought you were making another cake.”I am. It’s in the oven. Now I’m having fun,’ he said, blasting another spout of flame at the desperately wriggling insects… I woke suddenly to the sensation of something very cold being placed on my bare stomach. It was Ricky with a lavish cocktail, the rim of the glass crusted with pink sugar, with chunks of pineapple and maraschino cherries pushed onto a plastic stick shaped like a flamingo, the whole lot topped off with an umbrella and a couple of frangipanis.’It’s a cockroach daiquiri,’ he said, flashing the white teeth that reminded me once again why my friend Dominic was so obsessed with him. ‘Toasted.’

From The Master Baker by Maggie Alderson, Big Night Out.


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