Kids’ Night In

A Midnight Feast

Join your favourite writers, illustrators and celebrities and be the first to check out these never-before-seen stories and illustrations and much, much more. There’s something for everyone. There’s no collection like it. It’s a great kids’ night in!

About the Book

Kids’ Night In is the childrens’ version of the Girls’ Night In trilogy, and was published in Australia and the UK in 2003, with Jessica Adams, Nick Earls and Juliet Partridge on board as editors for the Penguin Australia edition, and in London, Helen Basini and Sara Walsh as project managers for the HarperCollins UK edition. Bestsellers and prizewinners, from Garth Nix to Jacqueline Wilson, are on board and a sequel is planned.


Did you know that when you cry, Lacrimosa the boo-hoo asteroid might be responsible? This asteroid is 48 kilometres wide, and it orbits every 4.9 years. Whenever it affects your horoscope, you are destined to cry either great tears of happiness and joy, or great tears of sadness and gloom. And did you know that some astrologers say that the three star signs least likely to talk in class are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, because the crab, the fish and the scorpion cannot make a sound?” featured in Kids’ Night In.