Kids’ Night In 2

A Feast of Stories

Welcome to Kids’ Night In 2 – A Feast of Stories. This is another blockbuster of a book, filled with brand-new stories from dozens of your favourite authors. And just like the first anthology, published in October 2003, famous illustrators and celebrities are featured here as well. All these wonderful people have created and given us their best never-before-seen work, and all the money they would have received for it will instead go directly to War Child, an international agency that helps to improve the lives of children in war zones.

The first Kids’ Night In anthology was a wow of a success – it was a children’s bestseller, making it into the Nielsen BookScan Top 10 in 2003, and since then over 50,000 copies have been sold in Australia and New Zealand, which means nearly $90,000 for War Child. On top of raising this impressive amount of money, Kids’ Night In led to War Child Australia linking with Australian children’s publishers to supply thousands of new books to schools in the Solomon Islands (for more on that see ‘War Child at Work’, at the back of the book). Kids’ Night In has also been a critical success and was named a Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book in 2004.

As well as two Kids’ Night In books there are four collections of stories for adults – together these books have already raised around two and a half million dollars. Even though that might sound like a great deal of money, it actually doesn’t go far when you think of all the millions of children needing assistance in countries all over the world.