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Listen quietly then spread the word LOUDLY!! The name is Georgie Hall and there is a new book soon to be released on 8 July 2021 that all women who are maturing into their ‘golden rages’ will thoroughly enjoy reading.

The book is called ‘Woman of a Certain Rage’ and the author Georgie Hall, is the alter-ego of the wonderfully talented and successful author Fiona Walker, who has penned eighteen novels to date.  Her previous novels tell stories and adventures of British life in all its ‘rompiness’, country pursuits, flatshares, and 90’s clubbing in London.


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Woman of a Certain Rage is a smart and funny novel for all women who won’t be told it’s too late to shake things up.

Eliza is angry. Very angry, and very, very hot.

Late for work and dodging traffic, she’s still reeling from the latest row with husband Paddy. Twenty-something years ago, their eyes met over the class divide in oh-so-cool Britpop London, but while Paddy now seems content filling his downtime with canal boats and cricket, Eliza craves the freedom and excitement of her youth. Fifty sounds dangerously close to pensionable: her woke children want to cancel her, a male motorist has just called her a ‘mad old bat’ and to cap it all her hormones are on the run. Who knew menopause was puberty’s evil older sister?

But then a moment of heroism draws an unexpected admirer, and Eliza sets out to discover whether the second half of life can be a glass half full after all. She might suffer mental fog and night sweats – and have temporarily mislaid her waist – but this is her renaissance.



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‘Georgie Hall has created a brand new, funny and brilliantly honest voice in this hugely relatable book. I loved the mix of comedy, warmth and frank reality – it made me laugh and flinch in equal measure’ Sophie Kinsella

‘Fierce, brilliant, honest and very, very funny – this book is a must’ Jenny Colgan

‘Warm, wise and laugh-out-loud witty, Eliza and her unexpected midlife resurgence are simply

magnificent. Bridget Jones on HRT (and bigger pants). I absolutely loved it’ Lucy Dillon

‘Beautifully written and smart as a whip, this is a funny and truthful novel about love and life past the big five-0. Hall has created a character that mid-life readers can not only root for but identify with too’ Mike Gayle


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