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This year sees the celebration of 20 years since the publication of Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl, first published on 26 April 2001.  The success of the subsequent series alongside numerous companion books, limited editions, audiobooks and digital releases has seen sales of over 25 million copies into 40 languages.  Moving forward and with the popularity of podcasts, Eoin Colfer and @AndrewDonkin have come up with their latest creation, Double Booked and its first episode, with more to follow!

To delve into the first podcast with Eoin and Andrew follow this link with the shared synopsis below:




Welcome Double Bookers!

Double Booked – Episode 1 – ‘First Edition’.

Welcome to the family, Double Bookers! Let us introduce you to your new favourite book podcast from the minds of best-selling authors Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin. In this episode: Eoin dusts off his copy of Treasure Island and answers your writing questions as ‘Agony Eoin’, while Andrew talks about things that go BOOM in the night and gets nostalgic about British children’s science fiction television series, The Tomorrow People.

Dive with them into the world of children’s books and storytelling to learn about the world of children’s literature, inspiring books, weird science, writing tips and conversations with other authors about their works, writing and plenty more.

This a podcast for anyone who loves children’s books, graphic novels, comics, books, libraries, librarians, bookshops, second-hand bookshops and second-hand librarians.

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