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Chris Manby: new book; The Excitements

Chris Manby, has a new book out; The Excitements; writing as CJ Wray.

 CJ Wray

Editor and contributor – Girls’ Night In 10th Anniversary edition, Girls’ Night In 2 and 4 – Chris Manby, has a new book out. Writing as CJ Wray, The Excitements is already proving to be an International success.

About The Excitements:

The Excitements bookcoverRevenge is a dish best served old…

Britain’s national treasures the Williamson sisters, are WWII veterans, now in their nineties. Josephine and Penny are in demand – invited to many events – and they are always in search of their next “excitement.” The latest one is a trip to Paris to receive an award and they are accompanied by their great-nephew, Archie.

Archie might not be aware of the extent of his great-aunts war roles, and the trip isn’t quite as it seems. With information about an old adversary, they have scores to settle, friends to avenge and one last heist to pull off before the curtain comes down…

Another Girls’ Night In contributor, Mike Gayle has this to say about The Excitements: ‘Not all heroes wear capes, some wear M&S cardigans! A triumph!’

Christine Manby
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