Candace Bushnell

Candace Bushnell: Performing a one woman show; True Tales of Sex, Success, and Sex and the City.

Bestselling author, creator of Sex and The City and Contributor – Big Night Out 3, Girls’ Night In 10th Anniversary edition, Girls’ – is performing a one woman show, entitled True Tales of Sex, Success, and Sex and the City.

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About True Tales of Sex, Success, and Sex and the City

In this Show, Candace shares her stories of fashion, literature and sex in what is billed as ‘an ultimate Girls Night Out!’

It’s an onstage memoir about New York, cocktails and being dumped by her very own Mr. Big. She published her book, Sex and the City in 1996 changing the narrative about how we thought about sex and spurning one of the most successful TV shows about women, and the updated version And Just Like that, has been back on our screens, enabling fans to catch up with most of our favourite NY women. The show really is the story behind the story. Outrageous and outspoken, and a lot of fun. A bit like Candace and her writing!

Review of the show:
“A celebration of Candace Bushnell’s career and the importance and beauty of being a modern, independent woman. The show is uplifting, hilarious and blunt – and the chance to see the women who started it all in the flesh was an honour of the highest order” — Theatre & Tonic




Candace Bushnell
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