Stella McCartney’s introduction from the original edition explained how Girls’ Night In began:

‘This book was the brainchild of writing friends Chris Manby, Jessica Adams and Fiona Walker. Meeting up for drinks one night, they talked about the host of young women whose unique brand of fiction was topping the book charts, and decided to bring all that tal­ent together in one book for one terrific cause.’

Illustrator and author Anna Johnson, pictured below in New York, donated all her drawings for the Penguin Australia editions of Girls’ Night In. Her endlessly entertaining images of women enjoying a Girls’ Night In had a serious purpose, but they worked.


Anna’s drawings will appear in the new 2014 digital edition of Girls’ Night In – the 10th Anniversary Collection. Follow the links below to find out more about each of the books in the series, including the ‘little sister’ editions for boys and girls, Kids’ Night In.

Girls’ Night In

Girls’ Night In 10th Anniversary Edition (AUS)
Girls’ Night In Journal
Girls’ Night Out, Boys’ Night In (UK)
Big Night Out (Audio Book)
Girls’ Night Out (Canada)
Girls’ Night Out (US)
Girls’ Night In
Girls’ Night In 2, Gentlemen by Invitation (AUS)
Big Night Out
Big Night Out 3
Girls’ Night In (US)
Girls’ Night In 4
Ladies’ Night (UK)

Kids’ Night In

Midnight Feast (UK)
Kids’ Night In – A Midnight Feast
Kids’ Night In 2 – A Feast of Stories
Kids’ Night In 3 – A Sea of Stories and Oceans of other stuff

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