Girls' Night In 2: Gentlemen by InvitationGentlemen by Invitation

Following the phenomenal success of Girls’ Night In, you’re invited to spend another night with the hottest women authors in town . . . and some fellas as well (under strict supervision, of course).

Over forty of your favourite writers have written stories specially for Girls’ Night In, Gentlemen by Invitation, making it the chunkiest and funkiest book around. And since all of the proceeds go to the charity War Child, by buying this book you’ve made a difference to the lives of children devastated by conflict.

Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and . . . blush, Girls’ Night In, Gentlemen by Invitation contains bedtime stories that your parents never told you.

About The Book:

Girls’ Night Out – Boys’ Night In followed Girls’ Night In during the summer of 2001, and became another instant bestseller. Edited by Jessica Adams, Chris Manby and Fiona Walker.


Emma McCloud is dining with her husband, high-powered Hollywood mogul, John, when he stuns her with an announcement – “I know it’s hard to believe, but eventually you’re going to get over it.” Emma McCloud looked at her husband and blinked, as if she were trying to take it in. John McCloud looked nervously around Le Petit Coq, the fancy French restaurant he had booked them into for dinner. He had ordered cheese souffle, partly because he liked cheese, and partly because it took half an hour to prepare, and that way the waitress wouldn’t bother them. Ordinarily he didn’t mind being bothered by the waitresses here…but tonight, he needed some privacy.”

From What Goes Around by Louise Bagshawe, featured in Girls’ Night Out – Boys’ Night In.


Penguin Australia


“An excellent anthology which follows up last year’s bestselling Girls’ Night In.”

“This 800-page feast is for a good cause – all proceeds go to the charity War Child to help rebuild young lives shattered by war.”

“This is writing that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s good fun for a good cause.”

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