All The Lonely People

Mike Gayle’s New Novel Launches This July

Mike Gayle’s new novel All The Lonely People is a timely reminder on the value of human connection.

Mike Gayle has given us something to cheer about this week, with his new ‘heart-warming’ novel All The Lonely People available from July 23rd, 2020.

All The Lonely PeopleWhen writing All The Lonely People it seems as though Mike was able to peer into the future as he wrote, with the book addressing challenges that many of the world’s population have just faced or are currently working though, after spending weeks or months in pandemic lockdown or isolation.

The book’s main character Hubert Bird, who lives in the UK, has created a faux life full of friends and fun, to give his daughter Rose, who is based in Australia, the impression everything is wonderful in her dad’s world. 

During his weekly chats with his daughter, Hubert makes it appear to Rose that he is living the dream life of a retirement. But the sober reality? He often spends his days without seeing a single soul. 

When Hubert is unexpectantly given a deadline to somehow make this fake life a reality, this is all turned on it’s head. The book’s summary explains that in attempting to turn his fantasy world into actuality, ‘Hubert stumbles across a second chance at love, renews a cherished friendship and finds himself roped into an audacious community scheme that seeks to end loneliness once and for all’.

From this Hubert Bird’s life seems transformed. But the big question that lingers is that with the baggage he still carries from his days in isolation, is will he end up getting to keep this this new life, the wonderful one, that he’s been rehearsing for all this time during his calls with Rose?

All The Lonely People is a tender and humorous look at love, race, old age and friendship that will serve to remind us of how ‘the power of ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference.’ Mike’s timing in exploring these complex life issues could not have been better.


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Mike GayleBestselling author Mike Gayle has published sixteen books including My Legendary Girlfriend, Turning Thirty, Turning Forty and his most recent Half AWorld Away.

Mike Gayle contributed to Girls’ Night In 2, Girls’ Night In 4 and Girls’ Night In 10th Anniversary Edition.

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